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Where the joy of learning is nurtured!

All children are born with a sense of wonder and drive to learn as much as possible about the world around them. Through play-based learning our teams of incredible educators help guide children on a journey of joy and discovery in Kindergarten.  

We welcome every child and create a loving and nurturing environment that helps them flourish. When you register at a Kenora Catholic school, you’re not just joining a school, you’re joining a family! 


See how we ensure your child and family thrives with us:

Values and Programs

Our Faith


The Kenora Catholic District School Board integrates spirituality, faith, community and caring as central components of what we do.

Academic success is important, but what is just as important is that a child grows up to be a good person.


What our families have to say...

About our welcoming and family-oriented environment:

"Every day our son comes home ready to tell a story about what he’s done at school. Our daughter has been here for five years and every experience has been nothing but a fun and positive memory. I love the family atmosphere. We have two younger children at home and they’re included whenever we come, family is a big thing here."

- Angela Copenace

About our diverse programming and extra curriculars:

"St. Thomas Aquinas High School offers us a lot of different opportunities and they recognize diversity. There is a wide range of courses from construction to computer science, culinary, music and so much more. This school and the opportunities it offers, are the most extensive ones in the whole region. We’d definitely recommend this school for future generations.

- The Imran Family

About our focus on educating both a child's mind and soul:

"Our experience has been wonderful, and one of inclusivity, belonging, growth, values rooted in faith and a sense of community. The school incorporates the child's personality into the curriculum and this helps them grow not just  academically but their personality and socially. It’s important that kids learn gratitude as well family and kindness because it’s not only your academic journey that’s important, but your emotional journey and the ability to expand yourself as a person."

- Sara Dias

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